Faculty Fridays

Faculty Fridays

Join the UW-Madison Data Science in Human Behavior Master’s Program Faculty for an open office hour, monthly on Fridays from 1-2pm CST.

During this time, anyone can visit the Zoom room to share conversations and ask questions. Feel Free to come late or leave early.

We look forward to meeting you!

Faculty Fridays will happen each month on October 8th, November 5th, and December 10th.

Zoom Room:




October 8th 

Gary Lupyan              

Gary Lupyan (teaching Programming for Human Behavioral Data Science) researches the evolution of language and its effects on human cognition. Visit his lab for more information about Gary: Lupyan Lab




November 5th

Karen Schloss & Emily Ward

Join us for a special Faculty Friday that will focus on visual perception.

Karen Schloss and her team, aim to understand how people use visual reasoning for visual communication.  Specifically, how people form associations between visual features (e.g., color, shape) and concepts, and how they use those associations to interpret meanings of visual features in information visualizations (e.g., graphs, maps, diagrams, signs). The Visual Reasoning lab also investigates how to increase engagement in science through immersive experiences in scientific visualizations using virtual reality. This work can be translated to making visual communication more effective and efficient.




Emily Ward’s explores the nature of human visual processing, with an emphasis on the ways in which high-level perception interacts with and constrains other processes in the mind. Some of the specific questions that the Visual Cognition Lab have explored are: What determines whether we become aware of something? What factors determine how accurately we perceive something? How do visual factors constrain what we remember?  To address these topics, we use a combination of behavioral, computation and neuroimaging methods, including both creating novel visual tasks and applying pattern analysis and machine learning to explore neural representations and transformation.



December 10th 

Markus Brauer

Markus will be teaching Design and Analysis of Psychological Experiments (stats) courses. His research focuses on group and inter-group processes such as social power, intergroup perception, and civil courage. For more information about his research: Brauer Group Lab